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Israel Bomb Shelter

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield and Deby Brown, Director Song For Israel

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield and Deby Brown, Director Song For Israel

Our current shelter project will be in the Eshkol Region where we believe will be the center of the next war between Israel and Hamas. When the sirens are heard, citizens have 7-9 seconds to run for shelter. Where will they run? There is no safe place.

Song For Israel was asked to help. Hamas has been sending rockets to hit Israel's borders. One town hit most frequently is Eshkol, so our fourth campaign  focuses on helping the city of Eshkol with a bomb shelter. This shelter is a larger shelter and costs $22,000. We need your help to complete the project and save lives now.

Will you contribute to our next campaign and help save lives in Israel?

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Our first Bomb Shelter was donated in 2015 to provide shelter for children and teenagers living at the Eden Center, which is located in Sderot in the Negev region of Israel This school is for abused girls ages 12-18 and is located just two miles from the Gaza Border. Rockets land in or near this school regularly because they are so close to the border and when the sirens are heard, the girls only have 7 seconds to run for shelter. Therefore, many smaller shelters are needed for quick access. Deby Brown, Song for Israel Director, is pictured (above) with Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director of Operation Lifeshield. We are standing inside a “bell-shaped” shelter. Song For Israel donated $16,000 to pay for this.

Our second Bomb Shelter was donated to provide shelter for students at an agricultural high school in Kfar Silver (translated Silver Village). Kfar Silver is a youth village in Southern Israel, located near Ashkelon (just a few miles from the Gaza Strip), where 1,200+ students attend. 

The shelter donated by Song For Israel was placed on a football field. $16,000 was donated to pay for this shelter to save lives.

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Our third Bomb Shelter was donated in 2019 and will be placed in Zohar in the Eshkol Region at a community art center. This art center helps relieve stress by creating art as trauma therapy for those struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of incoming rockets. Behind us, just less than a mile, is the Gaza Border.

This art center is located near a small restaurant where the sign on the door reads: "We have no bomb shelter, but great food and great people!" I was introduced to the owner and told her she would soon need to take her sign down! Shmuel explained that the new shelter would be delivered soon. The expected delivery for this shelter will be around June.

In the picture with Shmuel Bowman (Executive Director of Operation Lifeshield), Deby Brown (Director of Song For Israel) and Limor Eilat (Director Artists Center), you can see behind us, just less than a mile, is the Gaza Border.

Please watch the video below of Limor Eilat sharing about the reasons bomb shelters are needed in Israel.

Please help save lives in Israel by donating to put shelters in the Gaza border areas. Please click here.

On one visit to Israel, Deby Brown (Director of Song For Israel) and Shmuel Bowman (Executive Director Operation Lifeshield) produced this quick video in Jerusalem: 

Please watch this video and then click here to donate to this project. Thank you for helping us to bless Israel!

The shelter will serve as a lasting testimony of Christian love to those who seek safety and comfort inside. It is a wonderful opportunity to express love to the Jewish people. 

We can make a difference in Israel. We are asking you to partner with us to protect the lives of our Jewish friends in their God-given country. Please make a contribution today and know that you are helping people find safety because of your gift.

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