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From Israel — Operation Lifeshield Briefing

It’s been quite a busy time at the UN lately, and a confusing time for the world. Iranian President Rouhani took Manhattan and especially the United Nations when he proposed a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the nuclear build-up in his country. Amidst warm smiles and a gentle charm, Mr. Rouhani impressed everyone, including US President Barak Obama, and called him up for a little friendly chat.

And then came Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, and spoiled the fun and cosy mood. Bibi stood at the podium of the UN General Assembly yesterday and did something no one else in the world seemed to be doing. He spoke the truth. He called Iran the terrorist-sponsors and anti-democracy state they really are. And the Israeli PM proudly declared that his country, my country, had an ancient claim to the land it calls home, and that the land and people will be in grave danger of a nuclear Iran. The truth is a difficult and unwelcome party-crasher, and most would prefer it not stick around. Israel’s role, once again, is to shine a bright light on the evil and dark forces in the world, and declare what must be heard.

For the full speech given by Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN, please view the video below:

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