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Operation Lifeshield Briefing (Our Bomb Shelter Project) – From Sderot

Song For Israel partners with Operation Lifeshield, saving lives in Israel, by providing bomb shelters for the needy. To make a donation, please click here after reading about another partner helping as well!

With the news about Syria, Sderot seems to have vanished from the headlines, however this town of 24,000 residents is keenly-aware that Hamas-controlled Gaza is an unstable, unfriendly, and hostile neighbour – and they are watchful. Operation Lifeshield began placing professionally-constructed protective shelters in Sderot in 2006 when children were running to sewer pipes for safety. Today every new school and public building must be heavily fortified.

Edward Houstoun of Covenant Ministries in Orlando, Florida and I visited Sderot yesterday. We had an deeply-moving conversation with Sapir – our waitress at a downtown pizza restaurant - who told us that while the physical injuries were relatively few (thanks to miracles of God), the emotional wounds are deep and shared by many, many people here. We came to Sderot to show our support. When I introduced Edward as a Christian from the United States who loves Israel, Sapir began to cry. And we quickly followed. She explained that her tears were tears of joy – and we felt privileged to be in her restaurant.

Blessings from Israel.

Yours truly,

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director

Operation Lifeshield