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Rocket Alert Sirens in North & South Israel

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IDF Soldiers Examine Rocket After Hitting Northern Israel

We've been hearing more sirens and "booms" lately, both in Southern Israel (nearby the Gaza border), and today in Northern Israel beside the city of Kiryat Sh'mona. This isn't surprising - we're prepared for crises such as rocket attacks - but it's very disturbing. I'll give an example: when a siren blares (like it did last week in Hof Ashkelon) at 1:00am, it means that families must wake up very quickly and run to a nearby shelter. The rockets launched from Gaza hit Israel, and thankfully, no injuries... except that no one is going back to sleep. That's it for the night. Children and elderly are most affected, as sleep disruption is not easily overcome with these two age groups. And parents, needing sleep in order to work the next day, are toast. Another night lost... another day wasted.

Here's a map of Northern Israel where two of the five rockets launched today from Lebanon hit open areas in the Upper Galilee.


I have been in telephone contact with health and social workers in both Southern and Northern Israel today, and have been receiving updates. I have assured my colleagues that  we're committed to getting more shelters to communities under-fire, and that they are not alone.

Blessings from Israel.

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director

Operation Lifeshield


This article was sent to us from one of our partners, Operation Lifeshield. Song For Israel  donates to them to build bomb shelters for the less fortunate.  To donate before year-end to this project, click here