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NEW Bomb Shelter Project in Kfar Silver, Israel

Our newest Bomb Shelter project will be to provide shelter for students at an agricultural high school in Kfar Silver (translated Silver Village). Kfar Silver is a youth village in Southern Israel, located near Ashkelon (just a few miles from the Gaza Strip), where 200+ students attend. 

There are no bomb shelters located at this school. When the sirens are heard, they have 7-9 seconds to run for shelter. Where will they run? There is no safe place.

Song For Israel has been asked to help. For $12,000+ we can provide safety for over 200 high school students. Our goal is to raise these funds and personally deliver a check during our Israel tour in May 2017. 

Will you contribute to this campaign and help save lives in Israel?

Click here to contribute to the Bomb Shelter fund.

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