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Diaspora Affairs Ministry released a report surveying antisemitic incidents in the West during 2016. There were notable increases in Germany and Britain.  However, the sharp rise in antisemitic incidents in the US was more shocking.

According to the report, the recent US presidential campaign was a major catalyst for the dissemination of hate speech and enabled the voices of marginal groups to reach far beyond their own communities.

The Israeli government report noted that the common thread among these groups was an opposition to political correctness, an affirmation of racial supremacy, and a resistance to multiculturalism and to immigration. These ideas, the ministry said, lead to antisemitic discourse and Holocaust denial.

Antisemitism is almost always a symptom of broader forms of prejudice and blind hatred. The Diaspora Affairs Ministry report reinforces the findings of an Anti-Defamation League report released in October that documented the frightening rise of antisemitic tweets.

There are no easy answers to antisemitism, humanity’s oldest hatred. The government could do more than just release an annual report. Tracking and reporting antisemitic attacks is important, but that needs to be followed up with aggressive diplomatic action. Partnerships need to be forged and legislation needs to be passed. The real antidote to hatred is upholding a positive vision for mutual respect and understanding.  Taken from JPOST 1/23/17