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The Tomb Of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea was, according to all four Gospels, the man who assumed responsibility for the burial of Jesus after Jesus' crucifixion. He is described in Matthew 27:57 as simply a "rich man and disciple of Jesus."  We gain more information about him in Mark 15:43 and learn Joseph of Arimathea was a "prominent council member, who was waiting for the Kingdom of God." In Luke 23:50-56 we see how much he cared for Jesus in that he asked for the body of Jesus, took it down off the cross, wrapped it in linen and laid it in a tomb that was hewn out of the rock - a tomb where no one had ever lain before. In that day families would share the same tomb/cave, but Jesus was the first to be buried there.

No one knows for sure if this is exactly the place (pictured) that the Bible is referring to, but there is very strong evidence that it is accurate. It is a sobering moment to visit the tomb, walk inside of it, and consider that Jesus the Messiah was buried there.

Nearby the tomb, pictured are several round stones much like the one that had been rolled across the opening and sealed by Roman soldiers after Jesus was placed inside. I am so grateful that the story doesn't end there! No tomb can keep our Messiah sealed inside. He has risen! He has paid the price for my sin and yours and lives forever.

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