Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


"Israel - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" Conference Photos

The conference began with Robb Schwartz sharing on "The Scattered Returned." People listened intently as he took us through 2000 years of history in only 40 minutes!

Dr. David Shichor shared his story of living in Budapest, Hungary when World War II broke out. Because his family owned a tailoring business, they were spared ghetto living but were forced to make uniforms for the Germans. 

Deby Brown asked the question, "What is the sign of the beginning of the end?" She challenged everyone not to set their minds about Rapture on what others say, but rather on what the Word of God says.

Brandon Ridley shared his passion for the geography of Israel and pointed out significant locations in and around the land. 

Many tasted a falafel for the first time. This is quite a common dinner in Israel (like hamburgers are in America).

Our next event will be a "Walk For Israel," celebrating Israel's Independence Day on Monday, May 1st as we walk along Yorba Linda Blvd carrying Israeli flags and signs in support of the nation of Israel. For more information, click here.