Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


Song For Israel Placed This Bomb Shelter in Israel Near Gaza

On my last visit to Israel, I visited Eden School at Kibbutz Karmia. This was our Song For Israel project for two years. Since my last visit, we donated the funds for the shelter, thanks to donations that were given to Song For Israel (SFI), and the shelter was placed at the site where 40 girls and young women have classes each day. Until then, there was no shelter for them.

Below are pictures of our shelter. The second photo is the entrance into which the girls would run for safety. The last photo has the donor name: Song For Israel. Thank you to those who donated toward this project.

Kibbutz Karmia is located 2 miles north of Gaza - and is seriously in harm's way from rockets fired by Hamas.

Our current project is at another school near the Gaza border called Kfar Silver. When there is no war, donations come in very slowly; however, we collect for this fund all the time. Why wait for another war to consider sending a donation? Our next shelter is much larger and will cost in excess of $20,000. Would your church or synagogue consider joining us in this project that will save lives in Israel?

For more information, click here and send in a tax-deductible donation today! When you bless Israel, you will be blessed.