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Israeli Defense Force Destroys Hamas Underwater Terror Tunnel

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has neutralized, for the first time, a naval terror tunnel belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization this week. The tunnel, which was operational but did not actually extend into Israeli waters, would have enabled terrorists who would enter from a Hamas military post in the northern Gaza Strip to exit into the sea unnoticed, making it possible to carry out terrorist acts against the State of Israel from the sea. The route of the tunnel, which reached a depth of 2-3 meters and was 3 kilometers from the border with Israel, was identified by the IDF as part of a campaign against Hamas’ naval force in the past year.

Tunnel map.jpg

The tunnel was destroyed by an air strike.” According to a senior naval officer, the Navy knew about the tunnel for several months and it was decided it was the “right time” to destroy it. “The bottom line is that it was a tunnel that would allow for the departure of Hamas naval commando forces,” the officer said, adding that Hamas invested a great deal of money in it and trained forces in the tunnel. “We estimate that there may be more such naval tunnels,” the senior officer said.