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"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


Rockets Launched Toward Israel Yesterday

Early in the morning of June 20th, 45 rockets were launched towards Israeli civilians from Gaza between midnight and 5:30 am.

The Iron Dome intercepted 7 rockets that were headed for heavily populated areas.

Kids Bomb.jpg

Thirteen rockets hit the Eshkol Region, damaging a few cars, homes, streets, and a kindergarten. Rocket impact started a fire in Ashkelon. The Eshkol Region is where our next bomb shelter will be located, but it is needed now. We have $14,000 collected so far for this $21,000 shelter.

The nearly continuous Code Red rocket sirens sounding throughout Southern Israel forced hundreds of thousands of Israelis to jump out of bed and race to shelters dozens of times throughout the night. Our first shelter in Carmia was used many times throughout the night as many rockets were headed there.

The IDF struck 25 Hamas sites in Gaza in response.

There are not enough shelters in this region. Click here to find out how you can help us provide shelters to the communities that are under attack.

May God bless and protect Israel!

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