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Rockets Fired in Israel

Photo provided by Operation Lifeshield

Photo provided by Operation Lifeshield

Last night rockets were fired from Gaza towards the Sha'ar HaNegev region. The Iron Dome was activated but did not intercept them. Thank God the rockets struck an open area and did not damage any homes.

Many explosions have also been reported tonight from several IED balloons, mainly in the Eshkol Region.

Thousands of children in Southern Israel had trouble sleeping and will likely have difficulty sleeping in the coming nights as they are concerned about more rocket attacks.

Song For Israel just completed our third bomb shelter campaign and have begun collecting funds for a fourth bomb shelter near the Gaza strip in Israel. Residents often have only 7 seconds to run for shelter once the siren has sounded. Many, many more shelters are needed to save lives in this region. Please help by making a donation today. Meanwhile, pray that the enemies’ efforts are thwarted and that any rockets will land in open areas as they did last night.

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