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Song For Israel - 2019 Six Months in Review

Song For Israel would like to thank our donors for partnering with us financially and prayerfully.  

So far in 2019, Song For Israel was able to boldly help stand in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to pursue our goal of proclaiming God's eternal plan through Israel.  We could not do that without your support.

Celebrating God’s Provision For Israel

Shmuel, Limon, Deby, Cindy and John visiting the art center where the bomb shelter will soon be placed.

Shmuel, Limon, Deby, Cindy and John visiting the art center where the bomb shelter will soon be placed.

On March 27th Song For Israel was able to hand a check for $21,000 directly to Shmuel Bowman, Director of Operation Lifeshield, Israel, to purchase our third Bomb Shelter in Israel. We partner with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem(ICEJ) so the check was actually made out to them. This donation was for a large bomb shelter for an art center in Zahor, which is located very close to the Gaza border. I was able to visit the site in April and meet the director of the art school. There are no shelters in the area. Rockets barraged the area in May so we know that those coming to the art center will be assured of safety once the shelter is installed (sometime in July). Song For Israel will be mentioned in the ICEJ WORD magazine in July and the article will be featured on our website once it is released.

We began our fourth Bomb Shelter Campaign in the Eshkol Region in Israel, where rockets hit regularly. This shelter will be $21,000 and we have $2,005 donated so far.

Celebrating the People who Participated with Song For Israel

The Boskeys

The Boskeys

In February we offered a special event featuring Avner and Rachel Boskey from Beersheva, Israel. It was a very special evening as both led us in 30 minutes of worship that included music from Israel in Hebrew and English. Then, Avner gave a compelling and factual message about the state of Israel called, “Who has believed our report? God’s hidden strategy for Israel and the Middle East.

Shmuel Bowman

Shmuel Bowman

On March 27th, we offered a special event featuring Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director of Operation Lifeshield, Israel (mentioned above). He offered two sessions: “Unpacking the Secrets of Hebrew Letters and Language” and “Israel Security Briefing and Strategic Insights for the Middle East.” We had extremely great feedback on this event! It was fun to see Shmuel at this event and then the next week in Israel!

Israel Tour Group 2019

Israel Tour Group 2019

In April, our SFI Israel tour group visited Israel and Jordan.We had 22 attending this year and it was probably our best tour yet. We connected with a new tour guide, Ron Elberg, who was an excellent escort – we have booked him for the next two years! I was also able to stay with friends a week after that in a Guest House in the Galilee to do some exploring. We met with Shmuel Bowman and archaeologist, Thomas Winder. We had a delightful meeting with a prayer connection, Dr. Kerry Templinsky. To find out about our Israel Tour/Greek Island Cruise 2020, please click here.

Two Bible Studies began in January and they wrapped up in May. We don’t normally offer a summer study, but this year we did and we have 14 people attending. We have been studying the book of Romans deeply! We will continue in the Book of Romans in the Fall, and in January we will begin a study in the Book of Genesis! To learn more about our Bible studies, please click here.

In May, we had our annual Walk for Israel, celebrating Israel’s Independence Day. We carried Israeli flags and signs in support of Israel. A lot of people honked in support and the walkers had a lot of fun!

Over the Summer, we have teams working on our future events – The Feast of Tabernacles and our Chanukah party. If you would like to donate an item or gift cards for our raffle, please email Thank you.

We have a summer fundraiser planned for Thursday, July 25th, from 11 AM – 10 PM at the California Pizza Kitchen in Brea. They have promised to give SFI 20% of the spending from those who bring in the flier they created. Click here for the flier.

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles

We will be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles quite differently this year. We will be offering 13 opportunities to have a meal celebrating the event. Our website is already set up for reservations. Click here for more information.

In addition to all of our events, Song For Israel has remained very active on Social media: website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Please find us and follow. Then share the amazing articles!


 As always, Song For Israel counts on your support. The discrimination towards Israel is rising every day! Your gift is extremely important to SFI because it provides resources that make an immediate impact through education, lifesaving bomb shelters, and ministry to the Jewish people. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us to proclaim God’s eternal plan for Israel? Please consider a monthly partnership, a one-time gift, and/or (as you plan ahead) a mid year tax-deductible donation for Song For Israel. Click here to donate. In addition, you might feel led to consider the following special projects:

     1. Donate toward our Bomb Shelter Project

    2. Funds to help offset costs for our Feast of Tabernacles events

    3. Song For Israel general budget, which struggles during the summer months

Scripture tells us that “Those who bless Israel will be blessed…” (Genesis 12:3) In addition, our prayer team regularly prays that God will bless you, our donors. 

Once again, thank you for helping Song For Israel impact our world in support of Israel and the Jewish people. May God richly bless you. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.