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Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel School Curriculum is on the Verge of Approval in California  


According to Fox News, “the California Department of Education is on the verge of implementing radical changes to its school curriculum for grades 9 through 12, including anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Content.”

In 2016 a law was enacted in California that required updating scholastic requirements that would include curriculum covering Ethnic Studies Models. This curriculum is required to be submitted to the State Board of Education b the end of this year.  Of the 18 individuals who created this high school curriculum, 3 have a history of anti-Israel bias and this is documented. Why would these three individuals be considered to be on this writing team? Why were they not vetted out at the beginning of this project? The curriculum glossary includes words like racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, Islamophobia, patriarchy, white supremacy, and xenophobia – but not anti-Semitism.

The curriculum condemns Israel and supports anti-Semitic and unlawful boycotts against not only Jewish people, but their businesses as well. It vilifies Jews. This reminds me of what was happening in Germany just prior to the holocaust. Check out Kristalnacht and pogroms.

According to Fox News, the curriculum is filled with historical inaccuracies and skews the truth against Israel. Israel is referred to as today being “Israel-Palestine.”

California State officials need to stop anti-Jewish and anti-Israel curriculum from being adopted before they themselves become complicit in the indoctrination of the next generation.

We need to teach our youth the truth so that if schools teach lies, they know what to believe. As adults, we need to be steeped in the truths of God’s Word. We need to teach biblical truths in our homes, in our church youth groups and from the pulpit.

There are THREE ways you can get involved to help:

1.  Song For Israel has published a book called, Understanding God’s Eternal Plan for Israel. (INCLUDE LINK HERE) ITALICIZE. Get a copy. We need to be grounded in biblical truth so we can counter the lies being propagated in our communities and soon in our high schools! Know the truth. Teach our youth!

2.  Romans 9 – 11 teaches us that believers in Yeshua (that is Jesus’ Hebrew name – let’s use it!) are grafted into the Jewish tree. We need to understand our place and our role. For Californians, we are offering a Bible study on these chapters beginning next month. Click here to register.

3.  Pray! Pray that this curriculum is NOT approved. Pray for our youth. They are tomorrow’s America. Pray their minds are protected from all the garbage the news and now possibly their schools are teaching them that are not biblical.

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