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Israeli Defense Forces Soldier to be Released!

Prisoner Swap

Prisoner Swap

This past week Israel announced the imminent release of IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was captured in 2006 by Hamas terrorists. He has been held in an undisclosed location without any communications during that time and no humanitarian agencies were allowed access to monitor his well being.

We rejoice with the Shalit family as they prepare for the soon return of their son. Please pray a special hedge of protection over Gilad and the authorities who will be receiving him, that every step of the release process will proceed without incident, and that he will be returned unharmed to Israeli soil and the arms of his loving family. News sources state Gilad has been transferred from his cell in Gaza to Cairo. His return is contingent upon the release of 1,027 terrorist prisoners, some of whom committed horrible terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in Jerusalem that the deal was "finally summarised and both sides signed".

The release of prisoners will come in stages and with that, we need to increase our prayers for protection over Israel, the borders, and the Israeli citizens. This past week, Hamas announced they plan to capture more Israelis with the goal of securing the release of all imprisoned terrorists. There are also concerns that Iran may try to sabotage the swap.