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God Performs a Miracle in Israel

Once again our attention is drawn to the ongoing Hamas attacks in Southern Israel. Gaza has been bombarded, with other nearby cities receiving damage as well.There is a growing possibility of a major Israeli military offensive against Hamas in Gaza. More than three dozen rockets and missiles have been fired at southern Israel since Friday from Gaza, and Netanyahu aides say the situation has become intolerable. Some of the projectiles have landed near Beersheba, outskirts of Ashkelon. So far, one Israeli has been killed and over ten Palestinians have lost their lives in this episode of attacks. But, there have been some amazing stories that have come out of this. First of all, Israel engaged its Iron Dome defense system, which intercepted at least one rocket fired at Beersheba. Shortly afterwards, a rocket was fired at the city of Sderot. The Iron Dome is an amazing defense system that protects Israel!

But out of these recent attacks, comes a very endearing story. God performed a miracle and spared the people who regularly attend a synagogue in Ashdod.  It was this last Saturday (the Jewish Shabbat), the Jews day of worship.  The synagogue is normally filled with congregational members for Sabbaths as it has done for 40 years. No Sabbath prayer was ever missed until this last one. The manager of the synagogue had surgery during the week and was unable to come to open the synagogue doors.  So, the service was cancelled. It was on this Sabbath that Hamas launched one of their attacks and targeted Ashdod.  The synagogue received a direct hit. Although the synagogue received much damage, lives were spared!  The congregants and nearby residents are calling this a "miracle from God!" The cries all over Ashdod are: "God performed a miracle and spared the people of this synagogue!" Watch this video to hear one of the members share what happened:

‎The attacks have continued. The Israeli Defense Force said overnight Sunday that its aircraft struck a rocket launching cell in Gaza after it had fired projectile into Israel. The IDF planned this attack after three rockets were fired from the Gaza strip and landed in the Eshkol Regional Council.Israel is preparing for further escalation as the region is so unstable.

As you read this post, won't you take a minute to pray for the protection of Jews and Christians living in Israel?  Scripture tells us to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem," but as we know, there will never be peace there until the Messiah comes to rule and reign in that City!  So, when you pray for that peace, you are praying for "Thy Kingdom come!" Meanwhile, we can certainly pray that God continues to spare His people as He obviously did with this miracle in the Ashdod synagogue!