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Same Story--Different Players

It’s the same story played over and over again. Iran hates Israel. Think those words are too strong? I don’t think so.

I was reading in the Book of Ezra this week and saw that the leaders of Persia (Iran of that day) were discouraging the people of Israel, frightening them from rebuilding the temple, called them an “evil city,” and Israel was blamed for inciting a revolt. Of course, Israel did not deserve to be treated at all in this way. They had been asked by the former King of Persia to return and rebuild the temple. But now, the current leaders are pointing fingers and making crazy accusations against them for no reason.

Nothing has changed. In our generation, we see that Iran continues to place blame on Israel, tells lies about Israel and does not hide their goal: “Death to Israel….” And that statement comes from their top leader, President Maumoud Ahmidinijad. It was not a single statement that one could say was taken out of context. No, this is his main agenda. “Wipe Israel off the map.” He is quite clear with his goals.

If you read the news about Israel, you will see that they are surrounded by enemies on all sides. Iran wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. Right now Iran threatens to close off the Strait of Hormuz so that Israel will be cut off from the world of trade. The Palestinians (let’s just call them “transferred Arabs”) will not even recognize Israel as a state and demand their land from them. Syria and Turkey are no longer aligned with Israel. Egypt’s relations are much more sensitive than in the past.

What will change where the Middle East is headed? Does it sound to you like the crazy events of today are lining up with what the Holy Scriptures had told long ago would happen today?

Will the recent stronger sanctions imposed on Iran cause them to be even more intent on blaming Israel and wiping her out? Will the repeated threats coming from Iran become action?

Please watch this You Tube that explains the plan that Iran holds for Israel.


More than ever, we need to keep Israel in our prayers. Pray for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he leads his country amidst threats from all sides of the little piece of land called Israel. I encourage you to stay informed and know what is going on in the Middle East.

Please pray for the Song For Israel Strategic Planning Team, which will be meeting in the next few weeks to plan our 2012 goals to support Israel. Will you partner with Song For Israel financially so that we might serve you and Israel in a stronger way?

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