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Iranian Threats Continue but White House Says to do Nothing

Iran continues to threaten to attack Israel and the US, but the White House pressures Israel to do Nothing On March 5th, President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be meeting at the White House to discuss the Iranian threats. President Obama believes that there should be no preemptive air strikes against Iran, but that stronger sanctions are in order to keep Iran from attacking. But the big question that hangs over the world is: What if a full-scale war is necessary?

Iran is now threatening to attack Israel with missiles and our own President is acting as if Israel is the real problem and not Iran. “A senior Iranian military commander signaled the Islamic Republic might launch a pre-emptive strike against its ‘enemies’ if the nation’s leaders felt an attack on Iran was imminent, providing another example of ever-escalating tensions between Tehran and the West over its nuclear program,” reports the Associated Press. Iran feels that if they feel that their enemies want to endanger Iran’s national interests, they will act without waiting for their actions (according to Reuters News Agency).

Tensions in the Middle East continue to heat up and someone soon will be the first to take action. Any action on either side, will affect the balance of peace in the entire world. Please pray for wisdom for President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Pray about this March 5th meeting. Pray for protection of our two democracies. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, a the Bible asks us.