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Could Netanyahu be Preparing Israel for War on Iran?

Since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s return from meeting with President Obama and addressing AIPAC, it appears his focus is now preparing the Israeli public opinion for war against Iran. Netanyahu is reminding the Israeli public that there is only one way to prevent a “second Holocaust.” He believes that is an Israeli military attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, most of which, is underground.

Last Wednesday, the Prime Minister addressed the Knesset and urged the leaders to dismiss the claims that Israel is too weak to stand alone in a war against Iran and does not need to depend on the United States as an ally to attack Iran.

Most Israelis agree that a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is necessary, they are cautious about sending the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to attack without the support of the United States. However, Netanyahu reminded them of three times when former Israeli Prime Ministers did not wait for U.S. support and went ahead to safeguard the Israeli people. The three occasions in reference were: The Declaration of Independence in 1948, the Six Day War in 1967 and the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Iran in 1981.

Netanyahu is speaking more openly to the Israeli people about being prepared for a war and the counter attacks they will receive from Iran. He is preparing the Jewish people for war….a war of survival against continuous threats of annihilation.

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