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Giving God our Very Best!

I've been studying the Book of Malachi and recognizing how relevant this book is for us today, in a culture where most churches do not teach much of the very Word of God. Many pastors today preach as few as 3 verses in a sermon and then build an entire message around them. I wonder what would happen if they taught all BUT three verses from Scripture. Would anyone stay and listen? Apparently, that is what was happening in Malachi. The priests wanted to be sure their salary was secure (which then consisted of offerings and sacrifices), so they compromised the Word of God and began to tell the people what they wanted to hear. As a result, the people were no longer obeying the Law of God.

God told the people of Israel that they were not honoring His name, and they couldn't figure out what He meant. He explained that they were not giving their best to Him. Today, this can be seen in many obvious ways, but maybe one not so obvious might be that some may not be giving God the best of their day. How did your day go? Did you give God your best hour today? Did you go to His Word for instruction? Did you go to your knees before Him in humility and in prayer? Or are you going to wait until five minutes before bedtime to pray and tell God you will look at His Word tomorrow? God wants our best.

Even though the Book of Malachi can be a very convicting book, God set out His reason for writing it at the very beginning. He begins by saying "I have loved you." When we know He loves us, we can take the correction a little more easily. Spend some time with the One Who loves you!

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