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Israel Mourns Loss of Lives

On Wednesday afternoon, a bomb exploded on a bus filled with Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria. The bus was filled with families anxious to vacation at the beach. They had just boarded a bus at the Sarafovo International Airport when a loud explosion ended their vacation, and for seven, ended their lives. At least 30 others were injured. This terrorist attack has been the main item on the news in Israel and was non-stop last night, according to our insider, Deena, who lives in Northern Israel. She explained that “The mood here is angry and we want justice to be served. You can be sure that as soon as those responsible have been identified beyond a reasonable doubt, Israel will retaliate. Israel protects its people.”

An investigation into the terrorist attack has begun, but shortly after the bombing, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “All signs point toward Iran. Over the last few months we have seen Iran’s attempts to attack Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Cyprus, and other countries.”

This attack falls on the 18-year anniversary of the terrorist bombing in Argentina, which was designed by Iran and implemented by Hezbollah, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds. It could be that this anniversary date is no coincidence and only time will reveal its significance.

Please pray for the families in Israel who have lost their loved ones and for those who are injured. Pray for the nation of Israel as they mourn yet one more attack on their people. And as we here at Song For Israel often ask—please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.