Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"



Doesn’t a nation have the right to name its own capital? Perhaps everywhere except in Israel. During the 2012 Olympics, every nation was recognized, along with its capital…except Israel. Israel’s capital is Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv was stated as Israel’s capital. Instead, it was mentioned that Palestine holds Jerusalem as its capital. These words have the potential to set off much heated debate! [youtube=]

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, visited Israel this week and during an interview claimed Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He believes a nation has the right to name its own capital. This angered the Palestinians, who refuse to even negotiate with Israel about land borders or capitals at this point.

Romney went on to say that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu desired the United States to move their Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he would take measures to move it. Evidently it has always been the desire that our Embassy was there, but would work with the Israeli government to take steps to make the move.

Before leaving Israel, Romney placed a prayer note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.