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The 1979 Egypt/Israel Peace Treaty Honored

Egypt’s newly-elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsy, said Monday that he would pursue a “balanced” foreign policy and reassured Israel that its peace treaty was safe. Morsy came to power (this June) after the fall of Hosni Murbarak. Morsy’s Brotherhood describes Israel as a racist and expansionist state, however he resigned from it when he took over office and has avoided any inflammatory language against Israel. His position is stated that Egypt will continue to abide by international treaties, which includes its 1979 peace treaty.

The 1979 Egypt-Israel treaty was signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The signing was witnessed by United States President, Jimmy Carter.

According to Reuters, Marsy said: “"Egypt is now a civilian state ... a national, democratic, constitutional, modern state.” Israeli officials are concerned that Egypt’s Islamists will support the Muslim Brotherhood-offshoot Hamas in Gaza. They have raised concern about Egypt’s build-up of heavy armor in Sinai.

With more violence occurring on the Egypt/Israel border this year than there has been in many years, the verdict is still out about continued peace between these borders.