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Operation Lifeshield Briefing (Our Bomb Shelter Project)

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The Israel-Hamas Ceasefire, crafted by the US and Egypt, is officially in place. And while Palestinians celebrated the news in Gaza (and elsewhere), here in Israel the mood was more cautious. Shabbat is a time for rest, however, as I read through the various newspapers and journals strewn across our coffee table at home yesterday, I noticed a country very much not at rest. We may have a ceasefire - but Israel has not ceased from assessing and analysing last week's war, nor have we taken a moment's break from preparing for the next round of rocket attacks. Yes, this might sound a bit morbid, and perhaps even pessimistic. In Israel we call this "realistic". We know, for example, that the 1,500 rockets fired from Gaza in the past week and a half were supplied (and continue to be supplied) by Iran, and that we will need to focus our resources and attention on Iran in the near future. And we know that Hamas can again launch hundreds of rockets a day upon the orders of Iran. So, whilst some comfort may be enjoyed knowing that Egypt's government is the parent company of Hamas, of greater concern is that Iran commands all Islamists at whim.

US Sec.State Clinton & Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr

US Sec.State Clinton & Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr

Operation Lifeshield has recently ordered several protective shelters, and will be delivering 3 Lifeshield Bell shelters this week to kindergartens in southern Israel. Local security chiefs, Homefront Command officers, and other emergency readiness agencies are discussing plans for maximizing life-saving solutions based on best-practices, and also mistakes. We will be working closely with these players in the coming days and weeks to add our expertise and feedback.

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Blessings from Israel.

Yours truly,

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield