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Israeli Jets Bomb a Weapons Convoy on its way to Hezbollah

Israeli warplanes attacked a weapons convoy that had crossed from Syria into Lebanon Tuesday night.  The convoy, headed for Hezbollah, was carrying "game-changing" strategic weapons meant for the Shi'ite militant group.

There is rising concern in the West as well as Israel regarding the sizable chemical weapons stockpiled in Syria, while there is so much unrest there. The Times of Israel reports "Israel has been deeply concerned that chemical weapons from Syria could make its way into the hands of the south-Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group due to the chaos of the Syrian civil war, and has said on several occasions that the transfer of chemical weapons to a non-state actors, especially Hezbollah, would be a casus belli." ("Casus belli" is defined as: An act or event that provokes or is used to justify war.)

The Prime Minister of Israel, nor the Israel Defense Forces neither confirm nor deny these reports.