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Operation Lifeshield Helps Netivot, Israel, with Bomb Shelters

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 As we welcomed the new year 2013, we launched a new campaign to help a town in Southern Israel we're now getting to know and love. Netivot is situated between Sderot and Be'er Sheva (click here for Google map) and with the recent advancement of Hamas weapons, suffered greatly from the Gaza rocket attacks in November. This used to be a quiet town, and in spite of the threat of attacks, Netivot is growing. According to municipal planners, the community is expected to reach 40,000 Israelis by 2015. That's a miracle - but with it's development comes many challenges. Netivot has a low socio-economic make-up. Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia comprise a large portion of the demography. Now that they're Hamas's newest target will not make life any easier.


Operation Lifeshield is pleased to announce that a protective shelter was delivered to a school bus and car pool drop-off/pick-up and parking area in Netivot last week. We are grateful for this donation, and are now preparing for two more shelters to be placed in Netivot next week. Yuli, the Chief Engineer of Netivot explained that the priority is to have a safe place for children, parents and teachers when they arrive to school and leave for home. "This is our most vulnerable location, and my preference is to place a Lifeshield shelter right in the parking lot."

Netivot house destroyed

Netivot house destroyed

Blessings from Israel.

Yours truly, Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield

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partners with Operation Lifeshield to build a bomb shelter with our funds for a needy family in Israel.  To date, we have collected $2,210! Please help us reach our goal of $12,000 by June 2013. 

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