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SodaStream Factory in Israel is Building Bridges--Not Walls

SodaStream is the world's largest manufacturer/distributor of Home Carbonation Systems. The SodaStream system enables consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water instantly into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water at home, as an alternative to buying bottled or canned products. There are benefits to their system as it benefits consumers in savings from bottles/cans and helps the planet to be free of pollution from same. The company headquarters are located in Israel where SodaStream employs approximately 1,000 workers at their factory....500 of them are Palestinians from the West Bank. They assemble soda makers that are shipped around the world. In Israel, CEO Daniel Birnbaum says: "SodaStream builds bridges--not walls," as Jewish people work alongside Muslims everyday and have made strong friendships. Watch this YouTube to hear personal testimonies.


Birmbaum quotes Isaiah 2:4 in this You Tube, and although he quotes it out of context (applies to the millennium kingdom), he uses it to show that one by one, peace can be built: "Nation will not lift up sword against nation..."

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