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Operation Lifeshield Briefing

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Operation Lifeshield Briefing

President Barak Obama began his second day of this 3 day visit to Israel with a rude awakening - the launch of five Qassam rockets from Gaza. A few of the potentially-deadly rockets struck Israel, and one home in Sderot was damaged in the attack.

Qassam Rocket hits Sderot Home

Qassam Rocket hits Sderot Home

There were shock victims, but thank God, no fatalities. So, I wonder what the US President felt or thought after he heard the breaking news at breakfast a few hours ago. Hard to know, for certain. Israelis watched closely throughout the day to see how Obama would react. A few hours following the Hamas attack on Israel, the US President was standing with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmound Abbas in Ramallah and said that Palestinians deserve an independent and sovereign state and an end to occupation by Israel. He said the prospect of a contiguous Palestinian state alongside a Jewish state of Israel continues to exist if negotiations would restart. "I absolutely believe that it is still possible, but I think it is very difficult," Obama said. He also said it would be helpful if rockets weren't still being launched into Israel.

Israel under rocket attack: Gaza rockets hit Sderot on Day Two of US President Obama's visit

Israel under rocket attack: Gaza rockets hit Sderot

So, we got our question answered, and yes it would be "helpful" for peace negotiations to restart without the incessant threat of rocket attacks on Israeli communities. Well, so much for strategic planning. Please view the video link (above) from today to see just how unhelpful the terrorist threat truly is.

 Blessings from Israel.

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Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield