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Israel Warns Syria Not to Strike Back

Israel has issued a clear warning to Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to Islamic militants in that area. Israel announced that they would consider additional military strikes to prevent this transfer from happening. Israel warned that if they retaliate, Syria would face crippling consequences. If these weapons were moved to Hezbollah, the entire region would become unstable.

The reason for the warning? It may be that Israel wants to attempt to restrain Syria's actions and avoid taking any additional military action. Israel has no desire to enter into war with Syria. Tension is already running high in Syria where a civil war has been overtaking the region for more than two years.

In the past several weeks, Israeli aircraft have completed two strikes in Syria, one hitting bases of the Republican Guard and their storehouses of long-range missiles. An additional strike was made at Damascus International Airport, meant to destroy weapons being transferred from Iran to Hezbollah. Israel will not confirm either of the attacks. As Israel takes action to protect itself, Syrian government condemned Israel for the attacks, saying it “opened the door to all possibilities.” It seems that when Israel takes pre-emptive measures to protect itself, its surrounding enemies see this as an invitation to begin war. This is not Israel’s intent.

Please pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders and also pray for peace in this land.