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Israeli Prime Minister Indicates Readiness to Consider Land Swap

This past Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated a readiness to consider a possible land swap between Israel and Palestinians. He is not saying he would consider a return to the 1967 lines that have been proposed for years. That would not be wise, as it would leave Israel indefensible.

“We are listening to every initiative - the Arab initiative has been mentioned - and we are prepared to discuss initiatives that are proposals and not edicts,” Netanyahu said in a speech in parliament, according to The Voice of America.

Arab states appear to have softened the 2002 attempt at traded land. Sheik Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, Quatar’s prime minister and foreign minister proposed a new trade of land. Netanyahu has never agreed to exchange land, but is open to discussion. In the past Arab pre-conditions have thwarted healthy negotiations. Qatar said Israel and Palestinians could trade land rather than conform exactly to the 1967 “lines.” 

Netanyahu has reminded Palestinian President Abbas that he intends to take no moves that would jeopardize Israeli security.

Although Netanyahu is once again ready to consider a trade, Abbas said, “the ball in in the Israeli court” and then played his familiar card saying, Israel needs to accept the Palestinians’ demand for a settlement freeze so that talks could begin. If Abbas is serious about a land swap, it is my opinion that he should eliminate this precondition.  It has never worked before and it will not work now.

The Bible teaches us to pray for peace in Jerusalem. One little move can trigger a huge shift in the Middle East. If you will pray for wisdom for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and peace to come to Israel, would you please type your first name in the comment section below.  Thank you!