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"Stumbling Stones"

Every visit to Israel is unique. There will always be more to see and much more to learn! You really have to go more than once...

I'll be sharing reflections from this trip for a long time, but there is one I want to share with you today.

We spent a week in Germany after leaving Israel and it was quite a combination! On our last day at the Berlin Mark Hotel, someone pointed out a sign across the street that was written in German. I had passed by it for days.

IMG_3666 (2) Palestinian sign
IMG_3666 (2) Palestinian sign

A friend translated what it read:

"BERLIN MEMORIAL PLAQUE. This building was the site of the Palestinian Jewish Agency. Until its closure in 1941, it was able to help 50,000 people including other Zionist organizations emigrate and escape the German Zionist Cleansing and roundup." (Remember that Israel was erroneously named Palestine at this time).

Along the streets in Berlin, you may come across some small gold stones among the cobblestones on the sidewalks. They are called "stumbling stones," memorializing those who lived in a house at that place, but died during the Holocaust. Each stone is about 4" square and indicates their name, where they were deported and in which concentration camp they died.

IMG_3671 (2) Stumbling Stones
IMG_3671 (2) Stumbling Stones


There were so many memorials in Germany. While many in the US and elsewhere are claiming the Holocaust never happened, I am encouraged that Germany is remembering the victims of the Holocaust. 

Song For Israel stands in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people. Let us not forget how the Jewish people were treated and continue to pray for them as God uses them as a light to the world.

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