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Israel Releases First Wave of Terrorist Prisoners

The government of Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners in an effort towards the peacemaking process. They will be released in waves and the first 26 are being processed for release now. While these prisoners are headed for home, families of Palestinian prisoners in conjunction with the Almagor Terror Victims Association, filed a petition against Israel, demanding their choice of prisoners to be released. However, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected that petition, stating that the decision to release prisoners should be made through the proper legal channels via the Knesset.

Approximately 14 of those released this week will be transferred to Gaza, many them are members of Hamas.  Twenty-one of the prisoners on the list to be released were convicted of killing Israelis or were Palestinians accused of being collaborators. Most of them had served at least 20 years.

Other prisoners will be released in phases over the next eight months, totaling 104. The completion of releases is directly related to the peace negotiations. If negotiations stop, then the release of prisoners will also stop.

Please be in prayer about the peace negotiations and for the leaders involved. Please also pray that these released terrorists will be held back by God, from harming anymore Israelis. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as the Scriptures ask us to do.