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Will the United States Strike Syria?

The United States is considering a military strike soon against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons last week, annihilating their own people. Officials in both Syria and Iran have threatened that if the United States launches an attack on the Assad regime in Syria, both Syria and Iran have “Strategic weapons and retaliate.”

Many are asking the question, “would a US attack in Syria trigger an attack by Iran on Israel?” It is my opinion that this would be the case. Iran has been trigger-happy for a long time. They have been pledging to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” for quite some time. I believe that if the US were engaged in Syria, that Iran would simply see this as an invitation to strike Israel, and possibly America as well. Israel is preparing to defend itself from possible retaliation.

I am concerned about the killing of innocent lives in Syria, just as I was concerned about innocent lives being killed during the Holocaust. I believe we got involved in the Holocaust far too late in the game, but this is a different situation. The playing field is much different.

Because the Syrian government (as well as Iranian government) run to the United Nations whenever Israel gets in their way, shouldn’t we do the same?

The White House released a report today saying that the U.S. intelligence has concluded that Assad’s government planned, authorized and carried out an August 21 nerve-gas attack near Damascus, which killed at least 1,429 Syrian—426 of them were children.

The Israeli air force has deployed Iron Dome batteries in the north and south—in Haifa, Ashkelon and Eilat as well as in Tel Aviv.

Please pray that God will bring peace to the Middle East and that He will protect innocent lives.

Now is the time to make a donation to our Bomb Shelter campaign…before any strike takes place. Israeli’s have about 15 seconds warning via an air raid siren, to run to a bomb shelter. Many cannot afford to own their own shelter and are not near one. Please click here to make a donation to save lives in Israel.

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