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Rocket Attack in Ashkelon, Israel


 Operation Lifeshield Briefing    

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I received a telephone call from Keshet this morning. Keshet is Social Worker, Staff Director and Volunteer Coordinator of Yad Rachel - an organisation that runs educational therapy centers in various communities across Israel. One of their programs provides after-school activities for at-risk children in Hof Ashkelon Region, and this morning that region came under rocket attack from Gaza. Keshet called me to let me know that shelters donated by Operation Lifeshield were well-used during the Code Red alerts today. Click here to read about this morning's rocket attack.


I have often told our friends, as well as interested potential supporters, that if we could provide protection with lighter, cheaper materials, then we happily would do so. However, the only truly-reliable thing that can shield people from the deadly force of Katyusha and Kassam rocket blasts are heavy, steel-reinforced pre-cast concrete shelters. And that's what we are called upon to do. Today's message from Keshet reinforced that mission.


Blessings from Israel.

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director

Operation Lifeshield


Shmuel Bowman

Shmuel Bowman


Song For Israel partners with Operation Lifeshield in raising funds to build bomb shelters in Israel. Last June we personally handed them a check for over $2,000. We are on our second campaign to raise funds for another bomb shelter. To donate, please click here.