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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Although much of today's world rejects the notion that the Holocaust even occurred, the truth is kept alive and history is acknowledged during the annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is a sad day as many still have memories of the evils done to family members and friends. Still others question how such evil could be allowed to occur in our world. But it did happen.

Eva Beem

When I visited the Simon Wiesenthal Center (California) with some friends, I was given a little card with the name and picture of a little girl who lived during the Holocaust. Eva Beem was a darling girl from The Netherlands. She came from a normal family where her father was a high school teacher in Northern Holland. The Jews of The Netherlands were well-integrated into the general population and they were active in all aspects of the country's social, cultural and economic life.

Eva was eight years old when the Germans invaded her town, separated the Jews from the rest of the population, and forced them into restricted ghetto areas. Eva's parents decided they would go into hiding, hoping their children would be safer posing as non-Jews in a rural village. They found a Christian family willing to risk death to save them. Eva was given a new name and identity and attended school with others from the village.

The Nazis realized that many Jewish children had been sent into hiding and therefore intensified their search. Eleven-year old Eva and her brother Abraham were arrested and ultimately deported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. Both were murdered upon their arrival.

Eva was one of 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Germans and their collaborators during the Holocaust.

Today, Israel and the Jewish people are still targets. Their neighbors in Iran chant "Death to Israel" and "Drive them into the Sea." It is horrible to think such things still take place, but another Holocaust could happen. Satan would like nothing more than to defeat God's plan for Israel.

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