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A Bomb Shelter is Delivered in Ashkelon, Israel

Song For Israel partners with Operation Lifeshield in Israel to build bomb shelters to help save lives!  We are collecting funds now for the women's "Eden Center," but below you can read about another project that will save lives in Israel. To donate to our Bomb Shelter project, click here.

Operation Lifeshield Briefing    

The video of the deployment of the Lifeshield shelter at the Centre for Traffic Safety Education in Ashkelon has evoked much emotion. Is it the sight of a massive 70 ton pre-cast concrete shelter being lifted over trees and a classroom? The realization that there was no shelter at this unique school until now? Or is it the smiling faces of the 4th grade students as they proudly pose in front of a structure that might save their lives one day?

Like all shelter deployments, this one was very emotional and inspiring. But the shelter placed in Ashkelon last week had an added dimension. You could sense the relief and the change of mood from the staff and educators. It was as if a great burden had been lifted off their shoulders, and replaced with the blessing of a safe space for their students.

Here's the video.

Blessings from Israel.

Shmuel Bowman

Executive Director | Operation Lifeshield