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News from Inside Israel--Please PRAY!

Below is an article from the Pastor of our partner congregation in Israel, Kehilat Hamaayan (West Bank). Please read his article and take up the prayer challenge!

Dear friends,

To me there is no doubt in my mind that the battle for Kobane is right now the most strategic issue for our intercession against "Daesh" the islamic caliphate.

As I am following daily the development of this conflict and  I am conviced it is coming in line with the vision of Esaiah 19 [Isaiah 19] and the restoration of Assyria as a covenant ally of Israel ("Assyria the work of my hands.")

The Kurds are the most loyal friends of Israel and the only Defensors of the Christians and other minorities.

They represent together with those Christian Arameic and chaldeens communities that new entity of Assyria.

They have been denied their own state by all foreign powers even though they are a population numbering more than 30 millions.

Targeted prayers should be raised for them...for God to raise genuine support for them from the rest of the world. Pray for Turkey to move to fight "Daesh," just 5 km from its border, instead of sitting with its tanks doing nothing and stopping its Kurdish citizens to bring relief .

Pray for the US and Europe to move quickly in the area and show courage against the "Sudeten" and "Anshluss" spirit they display right now.

This "black cloud from the North" will continue to grow and move to the borders of Israel unless intercessors all over the world take seriously their places on the walls.

There is still time to pray but it is getting very late,

"The weapons of our warfare are mighty to destroy strongholds "

Pastor Tony Sperandeo

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