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More Bomb Shelters Delivered in Israel to Save Lives

Here is a note from our partner, Operation Lifeshield, providing bomb shelters in Israel:

Quite honestly, I actually enjoy delivering Lifeshield shelters. The heavy trucks moving about, the crane lifting many tons of pre-cast, steel framed concrete - and then gently bringing the shelter back to Earth. I like the noise of the motors, and even the smell of the diesel. Sometimes they let me ride in the truck, where the view of the world is magnificent. Thus, it was with great excitement that we added something new to our Lifeshield Bell Shelters last week... no doors. Or rather, a five ton concrete passageway attached to the Bell shelter that replaces the quarter ton steel door. This new concept is ideal for public use areas, such as parks, street corners and bus stop waiting areas. (The door shelters are still best for kindergartens and schools, where the exact number of children is known.)

Connecting Bell Shelter and Fortified Passageway

Now there's a solution for the dilemma no one ever wants to face: the Code Red siren has sounded and people rush into a shelter. The door closes and the hushed group awaits the boom of the rocket or rockets, when suddenly a knock on the door and a desperate plea to enter. What to do? Opening the door will place everyone inside the shelter in grave danger of shrapnel spray. But not opening the door...
It's a decision we do not want anyone to have to answer. The new doorless Bell Shelter provides a welcome solution.
A few days ago, we delivered two more Lifeshield shelters to the beautiful but embattled city of Netivot. Two weeks ago, that same community and other places in the Gaza Belt area, came under heavy rocket attack over a 36 hour period. An estimated 95 rockets were launched by the Islamic Jihad, with Iron Dome intercepting 5. No wounded or killed. Needless-to-say, shelters played a critical role in saving many lives. I talked with one man on Gefen Street in Netivot who told me that he raced into the nearby Lifeshield Bell shelter three times during the attacks, and on one occasion, scooped his young daughter out of the bathtub, wrapped her quickly in a towel, and ran with her into our shelter. Incredible.

Thank you very much. Your support is so appreciated.
Blessings from Israel.
Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director,
Operation Lifeshield

To make a donation to our Bomb Shelter Project,  please click here .

To make a donation to our Bomb Shelter Project, please click here.