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Operation Lifeshield Delivers Shelter in Netivot

Here is an update from our partners  from Operation Lifeshield in Israel!  Be sure to hear from Sh'muel at about two minutes into the video. Sh'muel visited here last month and many of you met him!

The unsmiling face of Avraham (not his real name) really says it all. There's not much to be happy about. Avraham's 9 year old daughter suffers from perpetual trauma. Every time she hears a loud noise or bang, even on the radio or TV, she becomes hysterical. Too many rockets have landed near Avraham's home in Netivot. Although the one that slammed into their backyard would have been more than enough to send the girl into screaming fits. She can't be alone, and at night she sleeps with her parents - the only way she can relax and get a few hours rest.

We delivered a Lifeshield Bell shelter to Avraham's street yesterday, and he could not contain his gratitude. He has invited me to visit him at his home for coffee next time I visit. And I was thinking that it would be nice if you (yes, you the reader) would join me.