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As I write this, a report came in from USA Today reporting that "Israeli troops entered northern Gaza to raid a facility from which rockets were believed to have been fired into Israel...There was an exchange of gunfire during the operation and four Israeli soldiers sustained injuries." Today I also received notifications that "Rocket sirens sounded from southern Israel to Ben Gurion International Airport" and "Sirens Sound Over Jerusalem." Reports like this are coming in on an hourly basis.

Many are asking "what triggered this war? Will the United States get involved in their support for Israel? Does the United States aid the terrorists who are attacking Israel? Is there any Biblical prophecy that can explain what is going on?"

Please read this long newsletter as all of these questions will be answered and you need to be informed about what is going on in Israel--it affects our world--it affects you!

The current war is a continuation of hatred against the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Palestinians and Arabs claim they will NEVER recognize Israel as a Jewish nation. They have convinced their people, with distorted information, that the land is Arab land. If you study the history of Israel, you will know that the land rightfully belongs to Israel! 

Peace negotiations have been going on since Israel was reborn in 1948, with the most current failed negotiations ending this past April 1st. On April 23rd, Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party and Palestinian Hamas announced their intention to form a unity government, which further exasberated the breakdown. The Fatah Unity government was assembled on June 1st with occasional rockets fired into Israel. June 12th, three Jewish teenagers from a settlement in Israel were kidnapped and murdered. Israeli officials suspect two Hamas members were responsible. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised those responsible would experience consequences.

Further aggravating tensions, on July 2nd, a group of Israelis kidnapped and killed a Palestinian teenager. Netanyahu condemned the action. This prompted demonstrations among Palestinians in Israel and East Jerusalem. On July 6th, the Israeli air force bombed a tunnel in Gaza, killing six Hamas men. 

Up until this time, rockets attacking Israel had been sporadic, but by July 6th, Israel began  experiencing intense attacks, most of which have been intercepted by Israel's "Iron Dome (anti-missile system)." The Israeli government launched "Operation Protective Edge" against Hamas in Gaza.  

Today, one can find news of attacks on Israel and Gaza on an hourly basis. Tensions in the Middle East are always high and one action always triggers a response. Israel must live with these tensions in order to survive as a nation. Will tensions ever end? What does the Bible say about these tensions?

The Bible tells us that there is no hope for peace in Israel without Christ -- until Messiah comes. Until that day, God will complete all the prophecies mentioned in the Bible to prepare for His return. One of the prophecies says that in that day, every nation will stand against Israel. (Zechariah 14). How close are we? The United States of America has always taken a stand with Israel. However, with the current administration, our stand has become weaker and weaker. Often times we hear the promise that we stand with Israel, but frequently our actions don't back up support for Israel (see below).    

The Bible is clear very early on, in Genesis 12:3, that God will bless those who bless Israel and He will curse those who curse Israel. There really is no in between. I believe God made sure this was stated early in Scripture so that we realize this is His standard. That message is for us today. What will you do?  While Israel is at war with her neighbors, how can you bless them?

Meanwhile, what can YOU do to support Israel?

1. Forward this email to your friends and relatives

2. Pray for Israel -- see below
3. Attend our Summer Bible Study on Israel -- see below
4. Send a donation to our Bomb Shelter Campaign  -- see below  
5. Take political action against Fatah/Hamas terrorists -- see below  
6. Make a donation to Song For Israel -- click here

Pray for Israel

Below is a report and Prayer Points that we have received from Sally Shiff, representing our partner congregation in Israel called: Kehilat Hamaayan (The Congregation of "The Wellspring.")

"Current Situation:

While, at this writing, the IDF has not engaged in ground troop fighting, it is not off the table.  The government is not afraid to go all the way, for the safety of the nation, yet, desires that if the rockets cease, so will the incursion into Gaza.  (There have already been four more red alerts since I started writing this an hour ago.)

Bibi Netanyahu once said, "If they lay down their arms, there will be peace, if we lay it down, we would cease to exist." This unfortunately proves to be true.  And we are humbled at the protection of God.  With all the rockets flying over us, although there has been injuries and property damage, there (as of right now) has been no deaths.

Israel tries very hard to warn the residents of Israel to be safe, as well as the residents of Gaza.

Prayer Points

We believe that our very lives are in the palms of His Hands, and our Lord Yeshua does not slumber or sleep in watching out for our protection.

 Our intercessors and Kehila are praying here for the safety of our people and invite you to join us.

  • The salvation of all of our citizens of Israel (From every culture, we see no distinction between those in Judea or Samaria and Gaza from the Arab descent, they are still Israeli citizens)
  • Protection of the civilians impacted from this current situation.
  • Wisdom for our government as well as the government from the PA.  As well as other countries. We need God to prevail and for His plan to take place.
  • The leaders of the Messianic community to direct their members to answer the call on their lives.
  • For God to exchange the spirit of fear for faith that He is in control.
  • Us to pray His heart rather than what we hear on the news.
  • Safety for the military forces. (they are usually 18-22 years of age)

We thank you for all your prayers and strongly encourage you to continue. Feel free to call us or email us with further questions."

Sally Shiff

Liaison for Hamaayan

Sally will be visiting us this coming for information about that upcoming event in our Song For Israel newsletter.

Song For Israel Offers Summer Bible Studies on Israel 

With war breaking out in the Middle East and anti-Semitism rising once again in Europe and also the US, it is important to understand why. With about 50% of Evangelical churches teaching that the promises God made with Israel have been transferred to the church, we encourage you to KNOW the truth! 

 Most Christians do not know if they should support Israel or bless the Jewish people. Join us and acquire a deeper and more balanced understanding of Christian support for Israel. There are four basic covenants God made with man in the Bible that are interwoven that will be discussed in this class. We will gain an understanding of God's plan for world redemption, using Israel as a vehicle to bring this about.

 We offer a summer class called "Understanding God's Eternal Plan for Israel" beginning Thursday, July 17th, 7 pm in Orange. Cost $15, includes workbook. For more information or to register, click here.

If you are interested in our Monday group which began last week, please email:

Send a Donation to our Bomb Shelter Campaign

One of our partners is "Operation Lifeshield," which "is an emergency campaign to save innocent lives by providing Israel's threatened communities with the protected air raid shelters they so desperately need." In 2013, Song For Israel collected donations and presented over $2,000 to Operation Lifeshield to provide shelter for those in need. Once a siren is heard, Israelis have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter. Many families cannot afford one and can't make it to a public shelter in time. Click here to make a donation toward a bomb shelter and save lives in Israel.

Take Political Action against Fatah/Hamas Terrorists  

To take political action, you need to know some history that may shock you! Did you know that:

 1. "During the Palestinian terror war that followed Arafat's rejection of statehood and peace with Israel at Camp David, many of the more devastating Palestinian terror attacks were carried out by Palestinian security forces trained by the CIA." (Quote fromThe Israeli Solution by Caroline Glick.)

 2. Annually Americans pay taxes to help fund the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group. Read the statement below, composed by "Liberty Action" and click here to sign their petition to defund the Palestinians:

"Liberty Counsel's petition is calling for the Obama administration and the United States Congress to reject the new Palestinian Authority government and adhere to the stipulations for funding by ceasing payment of all federal monies to the P.A. We are encouraging Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY) and other congressional leaders to also follow through on their threats to defund the Palestinian Authority until their union with Hamas, a blatantly anti-Israel, organization, is dissolved.

By taking this stand, you'll also be proclaiming God's faithful covenant to defend Israel and the Holy city of Jerusalem... and with people like you that stand with Israel against her enemies!" Click here to sign that petition.

3. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are limited to how much we can speak out politically. We encourage you to educate yourself about efforts of the United States which undermine Israel and support her enemies.

Please check our website regularly as we bring news updates from Israel to you!

God bless you as you bless Israel,

Deby Brown


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