Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


How to Pray for Israel

Pray for Israel

Below is a personal report and Prayer Points that we have received from Sally Shiff, representing our partner congregation in Israel called: Kehilat Hamaayan (The Congregation of "The Wellspring.")

Here is what to pray for:

Here is what to pray for:

  • the safety of our soldiers that have been called up for active duty
  • wisdom for each soldier and to listen to the holy spirit where to turn, where to look
  • wisdom for the leaders of the military to make accurate decisions
  • wisdom for our Government to make decisions and not capitulate to foreign countries due to lack of accurate information
  • salvation for not only the Jews but Arabs as well
  • for all of us to find the heart of God
  • to live in the shelter of His care
  • pray against fear and shock and trauma
  • for this not to escalate out of revenge but to trust in the arm of God.

 A personal note from Sally at the Hamaayan Congreagation in Israel:

On a "how am I doing note", I am fine...for the most part.  I have moments of realization that my country is at war, and that is taxing.  It feels the same way the days after 9/11 did, just to give you a reference. The longer this takes, the longer the times of this "feeling" lingers.  At the same time, I feel the encouragement of the Lord and the joy of being there for others.  But, focused in on daily life only to be shocked by the instant alarms is a reality that I, growing up in Tucson, would have never imagined I would come to know. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in the south where they are getting rockets every 6 minutes. This has brought me closer to His secret place even more, and that is priceless.  And the appreciation for everyday life has grown immensely. This letter was cathartic, and I am grateful for your prayers...I can feel them, and God uses them to sustain me. 

Thank you! Sally

Liaison for Hamaayan

Sally will be visiting us in Orange County this coming for information about that upcoming event in our Song For Israel newsletter.

Here is a note from Rachel, of the same congregation:

Shalom and thank you for your prayers and for your encouragement. We pray God's work in our hearts as a Nation, as well as in the Palestinians. may the Lord use this terrible situation to bring many to His kingdom, using His vessels both in Israel and in Gaza.

About half an hour ago, around 9PM here, while I was bathing my 2 year old boy, we heard the sirens again today, indicating

we should run to the bomb shelter just across the street. We couldn't do that, than we heard the strong noise of the Iron Dome intercepting the missiles coming from Gaza in this direction. We have no idea yet where it fell, but we can only be grateful for God's protection.