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Israel Under Attack

Our partner, Operation Lifeshield, in Israel is giving us an opportunity to have live news coverage by clicking into their site (see below). Much is happening in Israel right now! Ultimately I believe Israel is being attacked because of the peace negotiation breakdown. As a result, Hamas/Fatah kidnapped and murdered three teenage boys and now are attacking Israel with rockets.

In the video below, you can watch as Israelis in Ashdod are in a boat, watching rockets just overhead, as the Iron Dome successfully knocks them out! 

Here is an excerpt from Operation Lifeshield:

Chances are, the main news you are reading or watching is not covering the moment-by-moment stuff happening here in Israel. So, here is a your very own access to updates-- updated every 10 minutes. Click here.  Okay, now share it with everyone!

Some of the news that does not make headlines, but is rather important:

1) Summer camps in Southern Israel (within a 25 mile radius of Gaza) have been closed. That means the kids are at home and that can be a problem (no shelters).

2) 40,000 IDF Reservists are now being called-up and heading to Southern Israel.

3) While Israelis are running to shelters, Hamas is forcing civilians in Gaza to serve as human shields - thus resulting in causalities at terrorist bases in Khan Younis.

Israel Defense Force Tanks on the Gaza border

Israel Defense Force Tanks on the Gaza border

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director, Operation Lifeshield will be traveling to Netivot today to help deliver two Lifeshield Bell shelters. Another two shelters were delivered yesterday for Kibbutz Kfar Aza, located about 1 miles from the Gaza border.

Please help save lives by donating to our Song For Israel Bomb Shelter project in cooperation with Operation Lifeshield. To make a donation, please click here.