Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


A Sukkot Prayer (Feast of Tabernacles)

Abba Father,

We humble ourselves before You, The Holy One of Israel. As we remember this Sukkot week, we worship and praise your Holy Name.  We take special care to rest and reflect during this time of celebration and we recall how well you took care of your people in the wilderness. That reminds us that YOU are always providing for us and we are grateful that you love us and take care of us. We look forward to celebrating this feast with you in heaven every single year in our future. How we long to be with you.

We pray for those celebrating Sukkot this week in Israel in their sukkahs, and ask that You would cause them to seek Your face and that Your people would recognize that YOU are the One Who is protecting them and that YOU, Yeshua, are the only true refuge they can run to.

Bless and give wisdom to Prime Minister Netanyahu as he makes decisions to protect Israel’s people and borders. We pray for the Jewish people and the Christians throughout the world who are being persecuted—that they would not lose hope—that You would protect their minds and provide a way of escape.

Lord, please forgive our nation, as we have turned away from You. Would You purge the wickedness that festers from the United States and restore us to a right relationship with You? Would You provide us with Godly leaders who will strive to please You? Would you provide a righteous man for the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Fill us with Your love and Your power, that we might be effective witnesses of Yeshua in our communities. We ask that you strengthen us and that you would provide all that we need to serve you.

Now, Adoni, we ask that our lives be pleasing to You and that You would focus our minds on You and Your precious Word. We ask that your Holy Spirit would guide us into all truths as we read and study Your Word and we would grow in the grace and knowledge of Messiah.

We pray these things in the name of Yeshua! Amen