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Code Red Sirens Sound again near Gaza

While Israeli's were wrapping up their Independence Day celebrations this Thursday, a code red siren sounded in Gaza border communities in southern Israel. Things have been relatively quiet prior to this (since December of last year). A rocket hit an open field near Sderot with no injuries nor damages reported.

Just two miles away from the Gaza Border, the Eden Center, a school housing young girls ages 12-18, heard the sirens and the girls scrambled for shelter. Because they are so close to the border, they have only 7 seconds to reach a shelter.  If the girls are at the far end of the campus, they cannot make it to the shelter within 7 seconds of the siren blast. They take their chances on not being hit. Watch this video that takes you on a tour of the campus.

Song For Israel has been collecting funds to build one shelter that would solve the problem of the girls not being able to reach the larger shelter in time. This bomb shelter would be at the other end of the school. Everyone would be safe -- if we could raise the rest of the funds needed. The shelter will cost $14,000 and we have raised $9,150 so far.  We are so very close to being able to provide this shelter for these young women who have come to this place as a refuge.  Our campaign ends June 13th and we will be presenting the check in person the next week in Israel.

Please save the lives of these young girls and make a donation today. To donate, please click here.  Please designate "Bomb Shelter" on your donation. Please keep checking our website for updates and pray that we reach our goal so we can bless them with this gift!