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"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


"ISRAEL - The Prophetic Unfolding" Conference


Sunday, March 4, 2018

3:00 - 7:15 pm

Yorba Linda Community Center

     4501 Casa Loma Ave, Yorba Linda, CA            92886 (use the south parking lot)

Join us for a day focusing on Israel and prophecy! Cost is $25 per person. No registration deadline. Walk-ins welcome (but bring something to eat for the dinner break).


Brandon Ridley

Brandon Ridley

3:00 pm - Brandon Ridley - "Go to the Land I Will Show You" - He will share about the 4 worship sites of Abraham (places he built an altar) and how the events/promises of those places echo through Israel's history, including a New Testament tie in. 

Brandon Ridley's life was changed when he went on a study tour of Israel the summer before finishing his last year of school at Biola University. Physically walking in, studying, and experiencing Israel awakened Brandon's passion for the land, culture, and history of the Bible. Two years and a few books later, Brandon moved to Jerusalem where he earned a Master's Degree in Biblical History and Geography from Jerusalem University College. Since then, he has served professionally in pastoral roles in churches and been a guest speaker in various venues, bringing his experience and love of text and biblical context with him.

4:00 pm - David Sielaff - "The True Temple Mount Location and How it Affects Our Future"

David Sielaff

David Sielaff

Do not believe anyone who says they “know” where the Temple was — if they say it was located at the traditional “Temple Mount,” they must be wrong.

There are 11 theories where the Jewish Temples were situated on the Haram esh-Sharif, the so-called “Temple Mount.” All are wrong. All are based on religious tradition. The true site of the Temples must correspond with the prophecies of Jesus, the Old Testament, the writings of the apostles, contemporary eyewitness testimony, and post-70 AD historical documents. David will present evidence to show that the Jerusalem Temples of Israel were all located above the Gihon Spring. The traditional so-called “Temple Mount” is the remains of Fort Antonia in the 1st century AD.

David is Director, Associates for Scriptural Knowledge. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as a dual major in History and Political Science. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California and received a Masters of Arts in Theology degree in June 1987. 

He discovered the work of Ernest Martin in 1974. Dr. Martin's theological and historical work has been seminal to Mr. Sielaff's understanding of the Bible and the world, which was later supplemented by his seminary experience. In 1983 Mr. Sielaff went to Israel on a tour conducted by Dr. Martin, after which a slowly increasing regular contact began between the two men. It was during the final edits on The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot in early 2000, that Dr. Martin first discussed the continuation of his work, should that be necessary.

6:15 pm - Lawrence (Low) Norris  -- "Peaceful Readiness"

Lawrence (Low) Norris

Lawrence (Low) Norris

Our world is consumed with so much turmoil and there are many reasons to believe that it’s just a matter of time before Jesus returns.  This has always been and always be, but how are we to carry ourselves as people of the Messiah?  Let’s look at the Lords sobering warning and comforting direction of how to be part of His divine plan rather than sucked into the diabolical trappings of this world we find ourselves.

Low has a deep love for the local church. At age 26 he surrendered his life to Jesus and began an aggressive pursuit of following Christ in every aspect of his life.  It was through the church, and the many pastors who cared for him, that he was able to not only find healing, but his purpose as a minister of the Gospel.

In the 15 years since, Low has had the privilege of leading in several ministry areas which have included: college, singles, young adults, homeless, evangelism, small groups, men, foster kids and missions. Over the past 5 years, Low served as a campus pastor of a multisite church and most recently as a church planter. As a result of these various ministry experiences, Low has gained a great deal of empathy for the leaders of the local church and the struggles that can exist in their roles.

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