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Pictures from the "Israel--The Prophetic Unfolding" Conference


Our “ISRAEL—The Prophetic Unfolding” conference was held this past Sunday at the Yorba Linda Community Center. 48 people attended. We had three guest speakers. One, in particular, that I was anxious to hear shared about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem being recognized in the incorrect spot. He used Scripture, The Works of Josephus and archaeological findings to prove his point. Brandon Ridley spoke about the four altars that Abraham built and tracked them geographically. Pastor Lawrence Norris wrapped up the conference with a challenge to “be ready” for Christ’s return. Deby Brown filled in a few Prophecy Updates in between the speaker.

Enjoy the photos below from that day. To hears the messages of our speakers, scroll down.

YouTube Videos of Speakers:

Brandon Ridley

David Sielaff - Part 1

David Sielaff - Part 2

Low Norris - Part 1