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After 450 Rockets Hit Israel, A Cease-Fire Agreement has been Reached

Over 450 rockets hit Israel this past week causing loss of Israeli lives, property and causing trauma to residents. Shmuel Bowman, Director of Operation Lifeshield (who provides bomb shelters that are purchased by Song For Israel) said that he was in Sderot during the early rockets. He heard 40 explosions in 1 ½ hours while he was protected in an underground bunker. The Iron Dome intercepted over 100 rocket attacks but many other rockets hit their targets.


In the aftermath of this attack, a cease fire was agreed upon. Many in Israel feel this agreement was a drastically-inadequate response to the massive rocket fire. Defense Minister Liberman resigned his post saying that Israel “capitulated to terror” in the Gaza. Residents in Sderot (Gaza border) are now burning tires to protest the cease fire agreement. They say nothing is being solved with this cease fire. An Yisrael Beytenu (one of Israel's political parties) leader says this calls for elections as soon as possible. Liberman called for the government to be dismantled and for new elections to be set.

Please pray that God would bring peace to Israel, even within its borders.

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