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How to Pray for Israel During Attack

Below is an email I received from my friend, Sally, who lives near Tel Aviv, Israel. This is a pretty good article that explains what is going on in Israel. Please take the time to pray for the prayer requests she lists near the bottom of the email.



From Sally: We haven’t seen news on this from your side of the world, but we wanted to alert you on what is happening right now in Israel.

Three days ago, the IDF special forces engaged in a special op that killed a number of Hamas terrorists including a high-ranking commander while they were in Gaza.  Sadly, one of our majors was killed as well. In retaliation, yesterday afternoon a bus was blown up. Fifty soldiers had just exited the bus. Later, a rocket barrage started, and is continuing as I am writing this. So far over 400 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel. During various times it is over 1 rocket per minute. The rockets have hit as far as the Dead Sea to the east, and Ashdod to the North. Hamas has promised to escalate this into a full scale rocket barrage that could touch the whole nation. Our Government is on the verge of calling up reservists and is prepared. There is word of a cease fire coming, but in the past, Hamas has been known to break cease fires.

Our Air Force has retaliated with targeted strikes including the news station in Gaza that is responsible for communication to the terrorists.  As the IDF states, Hamas targets civilians and the IDF targets terrorists. So far, 3 people have died and at least 20 injured in Israel. 

We are fine as we are 40 kilometers away from the rockets, yet a few of us are commenting that we know that this is the start of something, so we are prepared.

How to pray:

 God, we pray for your divine protection over Israel…all of her inhabitants.  May those in Gaza who are under this regime and have nowhere to go, please protect them and keep them safe.  Do not let them be “collateral damage” used as pawns for the sake of propaganda to the rest of the world.  Keep their homes intact, and their families away from harm.  We pray for the ones that are giving our army good intelligence that you would protect them from harm.  Keep their families safe and there will be no retribution to them.

We pray for the south and all the inhabitants near Gaza. Whether it would be in a Kibbutz, Moshav or Bedouin tent—keep them safe.  Rockets do not fall only on their intended targets, but they fall indiscriminately and impact those in its range.  God you have moved the wind to protect the people before, do it again.

We pray against a spirit of fear that the news agencies try to incorporate to boost their ratings and ask that you would keep us in the news and only the truth of the news without added opinion or propaganda.

We pray for our Government to make wise decisions regarding escalation.  We ask that they would not listen to the demands from other countries, but rather would listen to God and His wisdom.  We pray for consensus within the government about exactly what to do that is best for our country and people.

We pray for intercessors to rise up both here and abroad to beseech God on our behalf.  We ask that God would give them divine words to know exactly how to pray.

We pray for the congregations here to rise up and not scatter out of fear but be a refuge to those around them. Also, that their members would be safe and a light to their neighbors and family.

We pray for the soldiers, that God would keep them safe, alert, and proactive in the face of danger. That He would make them sensitive to the Spirit and the soldiers who are believers would be leaders in their troops, being a light to those around them.

We pray against the nations who would pass along false information to their people or not share what is going on at all, that God would get the right information to the people, so they can discern correctly what is the situation here.

God, we ask for a spirit of humility so that we can trust in You rather than trust in armies or horses.  That You would give us divine direction, care, comfort and peace.

 May He who is the Prince of Peace bring peace to His people.  May You watch over Israel, every inhabitant and may You get all the glory.



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