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Hamas Rockets Are Hitting Israel's Gaza Border Now

The skies are lit up once again as tensions rise on the border between Israel and the Gaza strip. As I write this article my iphone app called RED ALERT is notifying me every 5-15 seconds of rockets coming from Palestinian fire. Over 100 rockets have been launched by Hamas just this morning. So far in this recent flare up, an IDF Lt. Colonel was killed and another Israeli soldier was wounded. It was also reported that seven Palestinian, including a senior Hamas commander were killed in the exchange of fire and rockets.


There was a period of quiet, but it didn’t last long. As of this writing, Monday morning (In Israel that would be Monday afternoon), the rockets are hitting Israel regularly. One of them hit in the area of the Song For Israel bomb shelter in Carmia (our first shelter placed, at a school for abused girls).

Schools on the border have cancelled their classes. Some public transportation has temporarily shut down.

Please pray that the rockets from the enemy will be thwarted or land on bare ground. Pray lives are spared and that the fighting will end.

If God moves your heart to help, we are collecting funds for our third bomb shelter in Israel. So far we have $18,200 and $21,000 is needed. We would like to reach this goal as soon as possible so we can place the shelter where these rockets are hitting today, where some have no shelter at all.

To donate to our bomb shelter project, please click here.

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