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Egypt Leads Truce Talks Between Israel and Palestinians

Over the last few months, Egypt and UN officials have been engaging in indirect talks between Hamas, the Islamist terror group that runs the Gaza Strip, and Israel. Hamas is sworn to the destruction of the Jewish state. Israel has accused Hamas of leading protests and using them as a cover to carry out attacks against troops stationed at the Gaza border.


The violent protests began on March 30, with over 150 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations and clashes along the border, including a number of people who broke through the fence into Israel. Dozens of the fatalities were Hamas members. During that time, one Israeli soldier has been killed by a Palestinian sniper. Hamas has blackened thousands of acres of farmland and nature preserves on Israel’s border by flying kites lit on fire landing in Israel.

An emerging cease-fire agreement is aimed at calming months of violence on the Israel-Gaza border. It will last for three years and see a significant easing of the blockade on the Hamas-controlled territory, reported by the Times of Israel.

According to the report, the deal being brokered by Egypt stipulates a gradual stop to the ongoing, Hamas-orchestrated violent border protests and maritime flotillas over the next two months. In addition, Hamas will be obligated to punish Gazans caught engaging in violent demonstrating along the border with Israel.

In return, Egypt will permanently open its Rafah border crossing and lift 70 percent of its blockade on the Hamas-controlled territory. It is proposed that the deal would require Israel to grant 5,000 work permits for Gazans, and expand the Strip’s fishing zone from nine to 14 nautical miles.

Israel had no immediate comment on the report. Pray that an agreement can be drawn to satisfy both sides and that the terrorism will stop.